Solartag T-ROOF ™

34-38 x 116 cm (covered)
Matte black (silk)
Tempered glass with and without built-in and invisible solar cells. Complete tempered glass roof.
7 (satin matt)

T-ROOF ™ provides a roof with horizontal and vertical lines. Where the lines intersect a T is formed, hence the name T-ROOF ™.

Calculate your roof price by entering only the total square meters of the roof and the desired production Watt Peak (Wp).

Production in Watt Peak should roughly correspond to 60-80% of the total kWh consumption per year. Example: If you use 10,000 kWh of power per year, you should dimension the production to 6000-8000 Wp (6-8 kWp solar cells) at the low end, if you have an electrically heated house, as you have more consumption outside the solar production seen during the year. Higher for other heating installation, or for electric car and or battery solution connected.

1000 Wp provides approximately between 800-950 kWh per year, depending on direction and slope.

The roof complete with installation, will usually be paid for by the solar cells electricity production within 18-22 years. The solar cells will be paid for after 4.7-10.5 years depending on country, electricity price and so on.

We are available, contact us for guidance.

When you choose a solar cell roof from Solartag, you get a roof that both gives your house a stylish look and converts clean sunlight into electricity.

The roofing tiles are made of tempered glass with built-in solar cells. Tempered glass is incredibly durable. Significantly stronger than normal roof tiles. There is a 40-year warranty on the roof, and 25-year performance warranty on the solar cells. Life expectancy of the roof is +80 years.

The roofing sheets are available both with and without built-in solar cells, so that the roof can be adapted to the ideal performance in relation to the need. There is no visible difference between the roofing tiles with and without solar cells. The roofing sheets are connected to each other, so very little preparatory electrical work is necessary.

Solartag - Boligens grønne klimaskærm. Solartage er aktive og bæredygtige tage med integrerede solceller i stilrent design, der giver dit hus et smukt og æstetisk udtryk.