“My house is from 1972 and came with an asbestos roof. It was only a matter of time. I’ve long known that I wanted something with solar cells on the roof, but not the traditional panels. So it was a matter of finding a nice solution. My neighbors love it and were of course surprised to find out there are also solar panels in it. The renovation of the house has involved almost everything, and many energy solutions have been integrated, such as air-to-water heat pump, fireplace with water tank, heat pump for the spa, etc. The roof pitch is only 15°, so it required a solid underlayment. I don’t have a background in craftsmanship, but I actually did most of it myself, including the roof, which I received ongoing instructions for. It was quite simple. But it was crazy with the many different rules at different recycling stations regarding the disposal of asbestos. Some have a limited number per week, while others don’t care and also have containers with open top lids. So we held our breath when throwing down the plates.”

Brændestabel og Xolta batteri
Stor mat tagflade med Solartag


“I have an electric car and use the Wattpilot from Fronius. It allows me to prioritize what my energy production should cater to and in what order. My Xolta battery at 10 kW handles the house’s electricity consumption, the teenagers’ PC games, some of the heating, and possibly cooling on those very hot nights. So I’m super happy for the 110 kW that my roof can deliver on a good summer day.”

Kim Hansen, Munkekærskvarteret, 2680 Solrød

Installed by: The customer himself

Max output: 14.500 WP

Area: 133 m2