We look forward to hearing from you

You are very welcome to contact us for more information about Solartag and our solarroofs. We offer a non-binding visit to measure your roof and go through the posibilities and needs for your home free of charge.

We can also send you a non-binding offer, and you can visit our showroom with an appointment, where you can have a conversation with one of our sales representatives.

Our own construction department can do both small and larger projects, to both private homes, opgaver, til både private boliger, boligforeninger og municipal areas.

Delivery times are normally 4-12 weeks, but because of great demand on both solarroofs, monting of solarroofs and visits from our sales consultants, delivery times will vary.

Contact us directly

+45 71 99 11 00

Industrikrogen 4 1.t.h.
2635 Ishøj

The Solartag Team

Alex Villaceran Kjældmand

Sales Manager / Head of Sales

Anders Fog Vogelius

Entrepriseleder / Head of Enterprise

Thomas Pedersen

Founder & Carpenter
Solartag - Boligens grønne klimaskærm. Solartage er aktive og bæredygtige tage med integrerede solceller i stilrent design, der giver dit hus et smukt og æstetisk udtryk.