Danish company with Danish quality

Solartag is a Danish company that delivers self-produced active roof solutions with integrated invisible solar cells.

Solartag is a fast growing Danish company that delivers on green transition through a complete solar roof solution, -with supreme aesthetics.

We’ll take you by the hand through the entire proces, making your project come to life.

We’ll advice you regarding sizing of the total solar production (Wp), measuring of the roof surface and supply you with a complete material list. We’ll support you with montage advice and instruction manual.

In Denmark we work closely together with a number of skilled entrepreneurs and electricians, but every carpenter can install a Solartag roof and every electrician, who have once connected an inverter, is able to complete your project.

We want to deliver the best quality from start to finish

Everyone should have the opportunity to produce electricity on site. Quiet and clean.

Our vision

Solartag wants to democratize energy production through a beautiful, durable and sustainable complete roof solution at a competitive price. Single-family houses as well as prestige projects.

Solartag Kunder
Solartag - Boligens grønne klimaskærm. Solartage er aktive og bæredygtige tage med integrerede solceller i stilrent design, der giver dit hus et smukt og æstetisk udtryk.

Get your own solarroof from Solartag

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get a Solartag, and therefore we are competitive on both price and installation of Solartag.

Our Solar roof differs significantly from all other roof types. Note that a Solar roof – unlike all other types of roof such as brick, slate, cardboard etc. – creates value from the moment it is installed, rather than losing value over a number of years until it needs to be replaced again. In other words, a Solar roof pays for itself and you can easily calculate a positive interest rate on your Solar roof investment: The household’s annual electricity savings / the additional cost of the Solar roof in terms of conventional roof x 100%

Contact us for a non-binding chat about how you can also get an active, sustainable and future-proof roof solution.