The roof that pays for itself

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get a solarroof from Solartag, and therefore we are competitive on both price and installation.

We do both large and small projects, and strive to be the best on the market, with transparent product packages at manageable prices.

A solar roof from Solartag pays for itself in savings on electricity consumption, both in large and normal size homes.

The price of a Solartag varies according to area, whether installation is included, etc., therefore you must contact us to get an exact price. Below are examples of projects we have carried out to give an idea of the prices for a solarroof from Solartag.

Rækkehus, Skævinge

Customer installation, 148 m2 roof

A terraced house in a densely built-up area, where the customer himself installed Solartag T-ROOF on underroof and battens.

The contract is performed with delivery, guidance and connection of Solartag T-ROOF on sub-roofs and battens.

The customer has installed the solar roof plates themselves.

  • 148 m2 Solartag

  • Total power 5 kW

  • T-ROOF fitted by the customer himself

Villa, Gentofte Copenhagen

Single-family house, 214 m2 roof

A single family house built in 1970, with clean lines in the forefront and in a densely built-up area where the distance to the neighbors is short, T-ROOF is obvious for the aesthetically conscious, for whom economy and sustainability weigh heavily.

T-ROOF Silk comes into its own here, where the modern expression is in perfect interplay, with new construction and today’s building standards and the whole becomes a result of the highest class.

The contract was carried out with the installation of Solartag T-ROOF on the existing roof.

  • 214 m2 Solartag

  • Total power 12 kW

  • T-ROOF mounted on existing roof

Villa, Tisvilde

Single family house, 189 m2 roof

A classic single-family house, with a roof consisting of six surfaces which faced a complete renovation.

A family with children, for whom sustainability is of great importance and who with the impending replacement of their roof, fell for Solartags T-Roof solution and its properties as both a durable and aesthetic roof, as well as with its silky soft surface both show consideration for the surroundings and gives an exclusive expression.

The contract was carried out with the dismantling of the existing roof down to the rafters and installation of a new insulated underroof and the Solartag T-Roof.

  • 189 m2 Solartag
  • Total effekt 10 kW
  • Complete roof replacement

Hækkevej, Hørsholm

Housing association, 1300 m2 roof

Executed as a turnkey contract, with replacement of existing roof and full assembly with underroof and T-Roof.

This contract deals with the replacement of a roof on a housing association that could no longer withstand the test of time and the customer wanted a durable roof that could both contribute to the green conversion and be maintenance-free. The existing roof was dismantled down to the rafters, after which Solartag’s skilled craftsmen rebuilt the roof, with insulation and underroof, and prepared for the final assembly of the Solartag T-Roof.

  • 1300 m2 Solartag
  • Total effekt 70 kW

  • Turnkey contract
Solartag - Boligens grønne klimaskærm. Solartage er aktive og bæredygtige tage med integrerede solceller i stilrent design, der giver dit hus et smukt og æstetisk udtryk.

Get your own solarroof from Solartag

It is completely non-binding to calculate a price for a Solartag solar roof, and we are happy to come by and discuss the possibilities for your home.

Contact us for talk about how you can get an active and future proff roofing solution.