The roof that pays for itself

Did you know that there are about 400 Solar roofs in Denmark?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get a Solar roof, and therefore we are competitive on price compared to similar roofing solutions.

We do both small and large projects, from detached houses to apartment complexes and from summer houses to company domiciles. Common to all our customers is the beautiful, matte Solartag, which ensures free, CO2-neutral electricity year after year.

A Solar roof – unlike all other types of roofs – pays for itself in electricity consumption savings, both in single-family homes and in larger properties.

The price of a Solar roof varies depending on the area, complexity, number of watts, and other project-specific factors. Therefore, we always recommend that you contact us for an accurate calculation of your project and advice on the same.

Below are examples of projects we have completed.

As former naturalgas customers and now with a ground-to-air heat pump, we were concerned about our supply security. Thousands of gas customers need to transition to district heating, and in our area, there are many years before we can expect to get district heating.

Niels & Lisbeth, Kastrup

Our neighbor knew that we were getting solar panels, so when I finished installing the roof, she curiously asked when the solar panels were coming 🙂

Jan & Merete, Dragør

The strict municipal plan also did not pose a problem. The Solar roof was quickly approved by both the municipality and neighbors. The neighbors’ only requirement was that the roof didn’t have any glare.

Peter, Humlebæk

We are very environmentally conscious and want to contribute to green transition. But it also has to be financially viable for everyone if it’s to be realistic.

Karina, Vedbæk

The prices of Solartag materials

A Solar roof starts at under 1,300 DKK including VAT per square meter for all Solar roof materials. The price depends largely on how many active panels one wants in their roof – the more active panels, the higher the square meter price. Assuming an equal distribution of active and inactive panels, the square meter price is approximately kr. 1.600,-. Our material price includes roof panels, cables, plugs, and standard inverter.

For a house facing south/north, the active panels are placed on the south side since production is highest there. On the north side, the inactive panels are placed since production is significantly lower there. Is your For a house facing east/west, the number of active panels can be increased because there is solar production both in the morning and afternoon. That means a longer production time spread throughout the day.

If your house is oriented towards multiple directions, a more precise calculation is needed to assess how much solar production can be placed in the roof. It should be noted that each house may have different complexities, which may require more cutting plates for some projects, such as on a hipped roof, at penetrations, skylights, etc.

Solartag customer reference (you choose a professional roofer or install the roof yourself)


Solrød lav villa med Solartag som ejer selv har lagt uden at være håndværker


14.500 WP – 133 m2

Kokkedal pudset murstensvilla fra 1777 med Solartag


20.000 WP – 179 m2



80.000 WP – 1.225 m2

Smukt tag i Bandholm på Havnepladsen 6


15.000 WP – 250 m2

Solartag - Boligens grønne klimaskærm. Solartage er aktive og bæredygtige tage med integrerede solceller i stilrent design, der giver dit hus et smukt og æstetisk udtryk.