“Our charming house from 1777 is almost 250 years old. The old tile roof was 75 years old and crooked. The underlay was torn, and blowing snow had free access.” The carpenters from Jysk Tagkompani did a fantastic job of straightening it out and preparing it for a Solartag.

A few years back, we had geothermal heating installed, but we were surprised by how expensive it is to run on electricity. So, solar panels were the green solution. Understood! Continuing: But we didn’t want solar panels on top of a new roof. One of our friends had installed Solar Roof on a garage building. That’s where we decided that it was the nicest roofing solution with solar cells for our house. But the area here has many red tiled roofs, and some have solar panel installations on them. So it required a neighborhood hearing and some negotiation with the municipality before they realized that a Solar Roof was a more integrated solution than red tiles with solar panels on top.

Smuk gammel bygning fra 1777 der har fået nyt Solartag med integrerede solceller
Træterrasse på gammel villa fra 1777 i Kokkedal med Solartag

The roof was ready on our wedding day.

“We were very impressed by Jysk Tagkompani, who braved the storm in August with loose tarps and worked tirelessly until the roof was secured. It only took a week to get the new roof on, and we could celebrate our anniversary the same day it was delivered. We have also purchased a 10 kW Xolta battery, which ensures that we can operate the geothermal system around the clock and make the best use of our surplus power.”

Judith L.Jacobsen, Karlebovej, 2980 Kokkedal

Installed by: Jysk Tagkompagni

Area: 179 m2 / 20.000 WP